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  • يونيو 29, 2020
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  • German organization Audi is getting ready to give more astonishment's to its image fans the world over, with all the more remarkable, better-performing, and maybe progressively extravagant vehicles, explicitly with the new S6 and S7, two more impressive vehicles than the notable A6 and A7. 

    Audi has uncovered the all-new S6 and S7 cars, which will be selective to the European market. Rather than the eight-chamber twin-turbo motor, which gave 450 pull in the past two-vehicle models, the every single new model for 2020 depend on a three-liter, six-chamber diesel motor associated with the framework like cross breed framework presently in the A6 and A7 From Audi. 

    The intensity of the new motor in the two cars 349 hp, an expansion of 19 hp over the force gave by the motors of the A6 and A7 cars, yet the force is a lot more prominent, as it arrives at 516 lb/ft, and is connected to the excessively electric accusing arrangement of the turbo framework, which makes the increasing speed of the vehicles from zero to 96.5 km/h in only five seconds, all with higher eco-friendliness. 

    Audi uncovered in 2018 the "RS7" cars, which was an up-and-comer vehicle to be the most grounded exhibition among the organization's vehicles, and the primary that works with crossover innovation with electric charging from Porsche, and it begins from zero speed to 96.5 in simply 3.5 seconds. This motor is related with an eight-speed programmed transmission, with a four-wheel-drive framework. 

    Extravagance with a solid presentation 

    Extravagance vehicles, particularly German vehicles from Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes, join fun and ground-breaking execution with high extravagance. On the S6 and S7 vehicles, bigger tires, an improved front end, just as the Smark for this sort of vehicle were received by Audi. 

    Within, the seats are lively and agreeable, and the space saved for the legs and head in the front and back seats is reasonable for most travelers and drivers, which makes these vehicles appropriate in any event, for long outings. 

    Where will it be put available and what amount will it cost? 

    Audi cars in 2020

    In spite of the fact that Audi has reported that the S6 and S7 vehicles will be offered distinctly in the European market, a few sources demonstrate that they will later show up in the American markets, and maybe some of them are in the worldwide markets. 

    The underlying cost of the Audi S6 is likewise expected to be around $ 80,000, while the S7 will probably be around $ 90,000. 

    Shouldn't something be said about electric cars? 

    The updates on the S6 and S7 discharge from Audi was amazing to a few, as the organization reported its aim to concentrate more on electric vehicles in the coming years. 

    In any case, the organization declares that it will have the option to contend in an opportune way in the realm of electric vehicles, as the organization had reported before that it will offer 12 new electric vehicles constantly 2025.